Book Review: Music, Language, and the Brain (Overview)

I started reading Music, Language, and the Brain by Aniruddh D. Patel at the end of 2014, and I’m still reading it! There are several times where I’ve taken breaks, but I’m currently reading about forty pages a week, and hope to finish it by the end of February.

MLBFor me, the book has been an extremely challenging read. There are many terms I’ve had to look up and paragraphs I’ve had to reread. At the same time, Patel’s writing has been very insightful. I’ve been able to learn about different types of research relating to relative comparisons and contrasts between language and music. I have also been re-introduced to researchers from my studies in bilingual education and educational psychology. And, I’ve found new researchers whose studies I’m very eager to read and hope to find within their studies implications for my own future research. Finally, it has more than encouraged me to take a class in music theory and learn how to play a musical instrument.

As this reading has been both a challenge and and encouragement to me, I thought I’d share what I’ve learned as a form of reflection and education for others who might never pick up this book.

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