Update: Exciting news for me

I actually started working with University of Washington’s Institute for Language and Brain Sciences (ILABS), starting in November. It took awhile to get things going, and I was out of town for much of October.

In November, though, we finally started working. I met the student with whom I would be working – she was a sophomore at the school with currently no confirmed major. The two of us would take charge of the upcoming study from recruitment through second session of the study. I was also hoping to take a look at the findings once the post-doc has compiled them.

To date, we’ve finished typing our protocol and have advertised for participants. Today, my post-doc had me be the participant in the second session of the study which involves an MEG. I had already practiced the set up for this portion, but it is important to understand what the participant will be experiencing. On a side note, as an epileptic, I now feel much more educated about EEGs!

And, now we wait for participants to start calling or emailing. I’m not sure if anything will get done before the end of the year, but I hope so!

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