Presidio Brass (2017 National NAfME in-service Conference, Day 1)

I just walked upstairs after watching the 5-member Presidio Brass perform at the conference. That was our nightcap, and it was amazing! Presidio Brass (Image taken from the Press Kit page of their website)

They playfully reprised some of the songs from their album, Sounds of the Cinema, which consisted of music from Star Wars, The Magnificent Seven, Mission Impossible, Bond, West Side Story, An American in Paris, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (Bohemian Rhapsody).

Each member took a moment to introduce himself – Yes, it was a “boy-band” of sorts! And, each took a moment to be featured. My favorite part of the show was Presidio Brass’ Mike Frasier featured in the group’s performance of “I Feel Pretty” from West Side Story. I’ve provided a video below.

Presidio Brass performing “I Feel Pretty”.

Performances such as “I Feel Pretty” and others demonstrate they can be an excellent way to showcase the fun of band music to all ages! And, in fact, that is their mission. Their website states part of their founding came about due to a cut in funding for the arts in California. Of course, Frasier might not wiggle his butt at a children’s performance!

I look forward to following their music on Facebook and Twitter, and I hope to have a copy of their album soon!

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