because it’s been awhile since I last blogged.

I am now halfway through the courses portion of my PhD program and holding onto a 4.0. I hope to make the Dean’s List this next semester, but I need to make it through statistics first!

I was supposed to lose some weight for a surgery last year. I worked with a nutritionist and was prescribed Ozempic. I only needed to go up to 1.5 mg to lose over 100 pounds, and I had no major side effects. I’m now weaning myself off the medication very slowly and working on building up muscle. And, yes, I did eventually have my surgery; though, I surprised the surgeon with my weight loss. FOR ME, my weight-loss has stopped my back pain and eliminated my kidney disease. I am so shocked!

And, finally, I am taking a break from Toastmasters. I have been a member on and off, starting with a charter club, since 2009. It is an amazing community. Sadly, it has currently become unaffordable, and I do feel stretched with my schoolwork and other activities. One of those activities is karaoke hosting. I’m currently learning the skills it takes to be an amazing host. I also will be auditioning for the Seattle Women’s Chorus this fall.

Please keep up with my blogs! I’ll be back soon!

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