Lady Miranda, ISSA, and Music Education

This past weekend two local artists (from Seattle) traveled to Atlanta in hopes that they might win in their prospective categories. One artist is Lady Miranda.

Miranda has lived EVERYWHERE including Germany. She is an award-winning songwriter, singer, musician, and nomad. Her music, though, is what really defines her.

Growing up as a child of military parents, Miranda attended elementary school in Germany. She took music classes at her school, but she describes them as “very advanced” from what is offered in the US. She told me that her music classes were much more comprehensive than anything she has seen in the US, and she learned all 50 states because of her music class. While she sang in the choir in high school, she discovered her passion for music, really, from early childhood. She always wanted to be a solo artist, and I can imagine her running eagerly to audition for any solos she could in her K12 career. Also, from childhood, she loved writing poetry. When she discovered she could put her poetry to music, she became a songwriter. (See kids? What poems of yours could be songs?)

Lady Miranda receives the ISSA Bronze Award for USA Female Single of the Year

Now, as an adult, Miranda has focused more on her music to include recording albums. Her most recent album, Love Before Lies, received the attention of the International Singer-Songwriters Association (ISSA). They nominated Miranda for USA Female Single of the Year, USA Female Emerging Artist of the Year, USA Female Album of the Year. Her work has paid off in so many ways. For one, she won Bronze as the USA Female Single of the Year for her song, “Game of Love“. Two, she has learned she is in a pretty talented group! She acknowledges while she’s proud to have won her award among other outstanding singers, she doesn’t see music as a competition. She says that within music, there should be “such a collective of people [with] such a positive outlook on music and community”, and “There’s a place for all of us, and none of us gets to the top alone”.

Most of her talent, she asserts, is self-taught; though, she did have a voice teacher for a time. She has dabbled as a karaoke host, a local volunteer with Karaoke World Championships, a volunteer vocal judge, and a vocalist mentor. Being a part of the music world has also given Miranda opportunities to coordinate venues, and it’s all about spreading her message through music.

She is incredibly grateful for her fans who followed her through the process from sharing her music on social media to voting for her in various competitions. What’s next? Well, certainly not any televised talent shows. There are amazing talents on those television reality series, but Miranda would rather focus on the networking she is doing through her website, social media, and the contacts she has made throughout her music career. She has also recently agreed to be an ambassador for the International Singer-Songwriter Association as their newest Seattle representative.

Congratulations to Miranda for crossing off a super important part of her bucket list. I’m looking forward to new music from her.

You can follow her on TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. And of course, you can buy her music at all major distributors.

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