BrandiWyne, ISSA, and Music Education

This past weekend, two Seattle-area singer-songwriters traveled to Atlanta in the hope of winning an award from the Independent Singer-Songwriters Association. One is East Side’s own (and, by East Side, I mean East King County, Washington), BrandiWyne.

From birth, BrandiWyne asserts, music has been her life, but her parents and public school music education are the physical representation of that passion. It was with her father, another local guitarist, that BrandiWyne discovered the magic of music. She recalls she was six years old when “he pulled me up on stage to sing a song” with him. An excellent introduction works well when developing a passion, but the environment that surrounds the passion also must stay vibrant. BrandiWyne fortunately attended schools in Midwest USA that offered opportunities for participation in the annual school talent show, the school orchestra, show choir, music theory, and mixed chorale. Her experience in K12 music education, in all its forms, taught BrandiWyne leadership and service skills that she continues to bring to every show. And it is notable that she had advanced toward all high school graduation pre-requisites before her finishing her senior year that she enrolled in additional music classes to round out and already impressive music curriculum. BrandiWyne’s musical education continued to include post-secondary studies in voice and violin.

BrandiWyne accepts her Gold award for the 2023 USA Female Emerging Artist o

After several years of recording and performing around the greater Seattle area, BrandiWyne caught the attention of the International Singer-Songwriter Association with her single, “Anime Baby”. In 2023, the organization nominated her in four categories: USA Female Vocalist of the Year, USA Female Emerging Artist of the Year, USA Female Single of the Year, and USA Female Songwriter of the Year. She won Gold as the 2023 USA Female Emerging Artist of the Year. Aside from earning this prestigious award, BrandiWyne felt welcomed by the larger music world. She wishes “more musicians [would] have a music community that can support each other while striving for personal goals at the same time.”

Her journey continues as it had prior to her nominations. You can find BrandiWyne performing around Seattle, singing karaoke, writing music, or assisting non-profit music education organizations. While music is her life, she can never forget the refuge its educational courses gave her. Like me, she is passionate to see music education continue in the public schools at every level. And she is also continuing her education in music – learning to play the guitar and piano, to perfect her own vocals, and to step behind the scenes of music recording. All complement her talented songwriting. She also advises that music lessons aren’t enough on their own. BrandiWyne explains “I support local music by attending shows when I am not performing and love to volunteer my time helping with things like karaoke competitions”. Her ultimate goal is to have the track and influence to make a difference in others’ musical environments.

I’m interested to learn more about these local musical non-profits that are continuing the fight for K12 music education!

You can follow BrandiWyne on YouTube, Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, or TikTok. And, find her music at most major distributors.

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