Maybe I should have gone to Minerva?

Don’t get me wrong – I am very grateful for the education I’m receiving at National University, and I fully believe it will more than adequately prepare me for what I want to do.

Still, there are four universities that will always be on my bucket list – Minerva University in San Francisco, CA, Berklee College in Boston, MA, McGill University in Montreal, QB, and Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.

The newest news, though, comes from Minerva – brain and music science! My two favorites.
According to their website,

students are designing and conducting research on how sound and music affect people’s emotional states, focus, and overall well-being”.

Minerva University

Like many brain and music science programs, this is interdisciplinary, involving psychology, education, music, and hearing sciences. What an exciting workshop! The school states that the program is 8-weeks long and is designed for existing students.

Almost all programs at Minerva – though theoretical – are learned in a hands-on learning manner with labs where students can interact with real-life situations. Their goal is to create scholar practitioners, and this laboratory for the science of music, health, and wellness will only complement their existing undergraduate and graduate programs. It would be fun to sit in a class or two.

Thank you to Daniel Levitin for bringing this news to my attention!

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