From Stage Fright to Success: Amelia Day

Is it possible to have some music education and stage fright? Absolutely! But thanks to teachers, families, and friends, stage fright can be overcome. And, for Amelia Day, it was confronting stage fright that truly sparked a love in music. Her first original performance was when she was in her early teens.

those scattered performances in musicals, talent shows, and concerts were what helped me enjoy performing rather than fear it!

Amelia Day

In August 2023, Amelia Day performed with her local Seattle band, The Cloves, at Bellevue Beats and at The Triple Door. It is such an exciting thing to have your name and music continually recognized in her home state! Her music is mesmerizing, and I wanted to learn a little more about her, especially her background in K12 music education.

It turns out while she does possess natural talent, she owes her continued success to the music education she received from childhood! She explains she was fortunate to have quality music education as many do not. And, hers started with learning the piano at five years-old. From piano playing, she moved on to composition, choir, and theater. While she understood the need for structure, she was grateful from an early age to learn about improvisation.

I was allowed to have agency and play around with ideas, rather than just follow rote instructions

Amelia Day

Like many musical students, she does have a favorite music teacher. The woman who taught her piano from age five through high school, Sharon Beattie-White, is still a good mentor. While years have passed since her early years in music education, Amelia still keeps in touch with this favorite teacher via social media and social visits. They share their love of music, and Amelia explains, that without Sharon Beattie-White, she wouldn’t be the musician and individual she is today.

Amelia has covered Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” and Amy Winehouse’s “Valerie” as well as performed several of her own compositions. She also enjoys collaborating with other artists. Her music could best be described as soulful, blue grassy, or Americana. I could push play on her youtube channel, close my eyes, and just be lost in the Amelia world. My favorite song is the jazzy “Silhouette”.

If you’d like to learn more about Amelia Day, you can find her performing throughout the Puget Sound when she’s not studying at Vanderbilt University or around the Nashville area while she’s completing her studies.

Check out her newest album, Eastward of Eden, listen to some of her newest singles, “Skippin’ Down the Sidewalk”, and “Make A Move” and watch her performances on Youtube. Get ready for her newest, “Therapist’s Wet Dream”. Finally, you can also follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, and Spotify. And as always, please purchase these artists’ music at your favorite retailers to continue show your support for Amelia.

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