Erzsie is renowned for her strategic thinking, excellent analytical skills, work ethics, and unwavering commitment toward helping improve people’s lives. Everybody who has crossed paths with Erzsie will testify of her resourcefulness, open-mindedness, her mental flexibility, and her listening skills.
Elisabeth “Erzsie” DeRichmond is a highly rated motivational speaker and scholar with an extensive background in educational psychology. She is a battle-tested and outspoken professional speaker and consultant, a member of the National Association for Music Education, and an officer in the Toastmasters International organization.

Erzsie’s journey from her academic days to the speaking profession has been vast and covers over 10 years of dedication and support to her clients. Erzsie has been privileged to work for and with so many top organizations. As part of her education, she volunteered as a research assistant at the University of Washington with a post-doctoral student on a project involving bilingual Spanish speakers.

In 2009, she co-created NK Airplay Radio LLC, an online radio station that continues to draw listeners, where she trained staff, interviewed both major and independent artists and wrote all copy and PR materials. While at NK Airplay, Erzsie achieved many great feats including the station’s sponsorship of Boston’s New England Urban Music Awards. It was also during this time that Elisabeth joined Toastmasters International. She quickly evolved to reviewing shows, albums, and press packages for many local artists who eagerly sought her skills because of her experience with NK Airplay. They consulted with her before producing their own press packages.

Erzsie uses her vast experience in the profession to help improve people’s lives, which is extremely important to her. She is also very good at nurturing long-lasting relationships. In no small way, Erzsie is a huge asset; her experience and charisma have come in very handy to help her clients grow.
Erzsie has also gone through the ups and downs of life; she recently successfully left a 14-year emotionally abusive marriage. She has suffered 3 miscarriages in one year and continues to struggle with infertility and polycystic ovarian syndrome. She suffered seizures and emotional abuse, which resulted in her losing her voice for about 2 1/2 years; this prevented her from engaging in any form of speaking events. However, she’s remained strong and committed; she continues to build herself and help everybody around her.

According to Erzsie, one of her biggest accomplishments was finishing as a finalist at the district level of a Toastmasters competition where she talked about losing her speaking abilities due to epileptic seizures and how she was able to speak again.

Obviously opening up is hard, but it’s a step on the right path to healing, and Erzsie is known for encouraging people to speak about their experiences and their passions. With the exception of the time when she was unable to speak, Erzsie has either written or presented some form of speech from her high school days. She is very passionate about at helping others communicate their visionary ideas with those who can make it happen. She is also passionately supportive of the inclusion of music education in k-3rd grade.

Now tapping a bit into her educational background, Erzsie earned her MS degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Educational Psychology from Capella University in 2005. In 2007, she began her studies toward a doctorate degree. Erzsie completed all post-graduate studies but withdrew in 2012 due to health issues. In recent years, she has attended multiple early childhood education and music education conferences, and written blogs, reviewing books, events, and articles. And, in 2021, Erzsie returned to National University to pursue a PhD in Education, specializing in Learning Analytics in K12 Education. Her expected graduation date is the fall of 2026.

Additionally, Erzsie enjoys working and nurturing relationships with people from various backgrounds and cultures. This is achieved through her excellent communication skills and establishing a good rapport with them. Underpinned by astute long-term client-relationship-building principles, she enjoys learning about diverse cultures, reading, traveling, and listening to diverse perspectives of opinions.

Finally, Elisabeth “Erzsie” DeRichmond has grown to become a household name among friends, peers, and clients. Her dedication to her work is surely worthy of admiration, and she balances it all so well. She is an inspiration and a source of motivation to lots of people within her community.